The Golden Ship Inn

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Flower Fish / 松鼠鱼

This is a real traditional Chinese food which is popular in south of China. Usually, Chef will use boneless redfish, salmon and other fish as raw material. It is colorful and tasting fresh crispy, sweet and sour.


Peking Roast Duck / 北京烤鸭

Peking Roast Duck is a special dish in my restaurant. It's an unique product and a kind of healthful food which is not only taste crispy but also contains protein, lecithin, vitamin A group, B group, and other trace elements, and nicotinic acid as well. (1 Day Pre-book Needed)


Vegetable salad / 凉拌菜

Mixed vegetables with tasty sauce, garlic and chilli pepper.


Yuxiang qiezi / 魚香茄子

Seasonnings with aubergine with spicy Sauce. Typical Szechuan dish.


Welcome to The Golden Ship Inn


We welcome you aboard the Golden Ship to share our food and drink in a comfortable and atmospheric inn close to the historic Ipswich Docks. If you prefer to share our hospitality at home, then we can deliver something hot and tasty to your own front door. Onboard or onshore we value your custom.

Call us on Ipswich 01473 230030 and become a member of our crew.

Special Meals for You


Roast Lamb Ribs with Cumin Powder / 孜然羊排

Fresh crispy tasting, cut ready and server with steam bread, real authentic chinese food.

Tofu and Fish Fillets / 豆花鱼片

Boiled Tofu and fish fillets with sesame and spring onion and spicy oil, chilli, soft and smooth taste.


Steam Bun


Lamb on Skewer


Braised Pork Belly in Beijing Sauce


Spinach with Meat Balls Soup


Di San Xian- Mixed Vegetable in Northern Chinese Style


Lobster with Ginger and Spring Onion